Field Services

The Field Services Division handles most of the traditional law enforcement functions for the Sheriff's Office including patrol, investigations and special teams.   Our Marine and Trail Enforcement unit (MATE) also provides patrol of our lakes, rivers, and trails throughout the Dane County.  The Sheriff’s Office provides contract policing services to several villages and townships, as well as our Freeway Service Patrol (a contract with WiscDOT) and the Dane County Regional Airport.  Detectives within Field Services investigate cases requiring more extensive follow-up, including but not limited to Sexual Assaults, Domestic Abuse, Computer Crimes, Burglaries and Homicides. 

We also have Traffic Team, which focuses on enforcing traffic laws and targeting areas in which we have high incidents of traffic crashes.  Our experienced Crash Reconstruction unit, is made up of highly trained crash reconstruction specialists and detectives trained to investigate traffic crimes.   

Transcription of reports by deputies and data entry are handled by the civilian staff assigned to Field Services. 

Dane County Sheriff's Office patrol jurisdiction is divided into three precincts (West, SouthEast and NorthEast).    The precincts are then divided into beats.   Each precinct consists of supervisors, patrol deputies, community deputies and detectives.     Patrol Deputies and Community Deputies each have assigned beats.  Community deputies work closely with patrol deputies, service providers and community partners to reduce re-occuring calls for law enforcement services, by connecting citizens with needed resources.  

Many deputies in Field Services are also members of the Sheriff’s Office Special Teams, (Crash Investigation, Tactical Response Team, Crisis Negotiation Team, Hazardous Devices unit (formerly EOD), K-9, and Dive Team).