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2011 Dane County Safety Achievement Award

The 2011 Dane County Safety Achievement Award winner’s are in. The Individual Safety Achievement Award goes to a pair of individuals from Facilities Management. They are Tim Thronson and Nate Tuggle.

These two individuals are being recognized for safety initiatives in their area of expertise. Tim is a master electrician and Nate is currently an electrical apprentice, working together as a team. They were nominated for their efforts for lighting improvements that enhanced entrances, walkways, and work areas, thus improving safety for both county employee’s and the general public. Areas of specific improvements that were mentioned include emergency power restoration at Badger Prairie, lighting upgrades at the Lyman Anderson Building and the Saddlebrook facility occupied by the Sheriff’s office, the Public Safety Building booking sally port, and entrances in the City-County Building at Carroll and Wilson Streets.

What distinguishes Tim and Nate’s efforts as being extraordinary is that they were commended for going above and beyond what is asked of them. Not only did the person who nominated these two have great praise for Tim and Nate, but two e-mails were received acknowledging these gentleman for their outstanding efforts. It was mentioned that Tim and Nate continually take work orders given to them and make the situation better than requested. These two are always looking for ways to improve safety when it comes to lighting issues and researching available “green” technologies. Thank you for your extra effort!

The winner for the Departmental Safety Achievement Award goes to Alliant Energy Center. This is the second time they (AEC) have won this award. Each year, the department’s injury information is reviewed and compared to the previous year’s data. This information is taken from the OSHA 300 injury log. The total number of lost and restricted work days are reviewed, then calculated with the departments total number of hours worked. These rates are then compared to the previous years rate. Departments are then challenged to reduce their injury rates by 15% in four different categories. Alliant Energy Center surpassed their goal in all four! Other factors considered in the formula include; the establishment and activity of safety committees, safety orientation and training, written safety programs and policies.

Not only has Alliant Energy Center has done an outstanding job in controlling injuries, but they have taken a stance to be proactive with safety as well. Alliant Energy Center has participated in a “Train the Trainer” program for fork truck safety, a stretching program to help minimize injuries and promote wellness, and slips, trips, and fall awareness. Alliant Energy Center is currently working on improvements in fall hazard control with an outside vendor to improve safety in the coliseum.

Congratulations to Tim & Nate from Dane County Facilities Management, and Alliant Energy Center for their commitment to continuous safety improvements. Recognition plaques will be presented to the individuals and Departmental Manager at a County Board meeting later this year. Tim and Nate will also receive an award luncheon to share with some of their co-workers in honor of their recognition to safety.


Boater Safety Class Schedule

The 2008 Boater Safety Class Schedule and Information is now available. For registration, hours, and cost information, download the following Adobe PDF document.

Current Boater Safety Class Schedule


TraCS (Traffic and Criminal Software)

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office has now implemented the electronic crash form and is actively transferring electronic crash reports instead of paper reports using TraCS software.  The Electronic Citation is the next form to be implemented at Dane County.

The TraCS  program is Traffic and Criminal Software designed for use in the Mobile Data Computers in the squad cars. It was developed by the Iowa Department of Transportation under a federal grant and made available to any state requesting to join in the project.

TraCS is an integrated suite of electronic forms whose purpose is to make law enforcement paperwork more efficient and accurate. Once data is keyed into a form, the file is electronically transmitted to various databases as the form is processed, without the information being keyed in over and over again.  For example, a traffic citation is filled out on the squad car laptop, a copy is printed out for the violator, and the file is then transferred to the agency’s Records Management System, then to the Court System, and finally to DOT to update the driver’s files.

TraCS accessories that are available to make the officer’s job easier include a bar code reader, digital camera, GPS system and in-car printer.

WisDOT has been developing the Wisconsin version of TraCS, called “Badger TraCS” and, over the last year, several law enforcement agencies have been beta testing the program, including the State Patrol and the Dane County Sheriff’s Office. The suite of forms will be available for use throughout the state soon.

Officers and supervisors especially like the validation feature of the TraCS program.  Hundreds of rules are programmed into the software and warns an officer if required data is missing or does not match the circumstances, before the officer submits the report for review. The quality and accuracy of reports increases dramatically with the use of TraCS.

Badger TraCS will include forms for Crash Reports, Deer Crash Reports, Amended Crash Reports, Electronic Citations and Warnings.  Future plans include adding forms for Incident Reports.