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Resident Mail


To improve safety for our jail population, staff, volunteers, and contracted workers, we have changed our mail procedure. This procedure is necessary to reduce the risk of contraband coming into the jail through the U.S. Mail.

Residents may receive softcover publications (for example, paperback books, coloring books, and other similar items) directly from the publisher or directly from a bookstore.  To send a publication to a resident, the sender must order the publication from the publisher or bookstore and have the publisher or bookstore mail the publication to the resident directly.

Free books will be offered on tablets, spiritual leaders will continue to hand out spiritual readings, and the UW Jail Library will continue offering books free of charge as they have done for almost 30 years. If you would like to donate books to the UW Jail Library, please send them to:

SLIS Lab Library
4191 Helen C. White Hall
6100 N. Park Street
Madison WI, 53706

The jail provides additional learning opportunities (adult education, GED, K-12, post-secondary education, and high school equivalency prep) through the tablet free of charge for all to use. The education app enhances learning for the jail population and supplements the continued quality instruction provided by our MMSD and Madison College teachers.

What Kind of Mail is Allowed?

  • Photographs (Non-polaroid only and cannot contain nudity or gang signs)
  • Legal paperwork
  • Cards/letters (no musical cards)

Please Direct Resident Mail to the Following Addresses

For residents at the Dane County Jail:

Resident Name and Name Number
Dane County Jail
115 West Doty Street
Madison, WI 53703

For residents at the William H. Ferris Center:

Resident Name and Name Number
Ferris Center
2120 Rimrock Road
Madison, WI 53713

If you know the resident’s location or booking number please include that after the resident’s name.

Rules for Resident Mail

  • Any mail, letters, or correspondence must be sent to the resident via the U.S. Mail - we do not allow any mail to be dropped off for a resident
  • Envelopes must not be more than 1” in thickness
  • No boxes or large envelopes are allowed
  • No packages larger than 10" x 13" are allowed
  • Items sold through the resident commissary will not be accepted through the mail
  • Mail sent in bubble wrap envelopes, or paper insulated envelopes will be recycled and the contents placed in a Sheriff’s Office approved envelope
  • Mail and/or envelopes containing perfumed contents will be returned to the sender
  • Mail and/or envelopes containing lipstick kisses will be returned to the sender
  • No stickers or glued-on items will be allowed
    • These items will be placed in the resident’s property bag
  • Those sending mail to residents must hand-write their return name and address
    • No return labels, stickers, or other affixed items will be allowed
  • Musical greeting cards or greeting cards with string, ribbon, or artwork affixed will not be allowed
    • Greeting cards must be a regular, flat paper greeting card
  • Photos cannot be glued or affixed in any way to anything else