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Motorcycle Unit

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office has a long history of utilizing motorcycles to assist in traffic safety efforts. From the early days of motorcycling through today, the efficiency and effectiveness of motorcycle use in law enforcement has been recognized on our streets and highways.

In 2000, our motor unit completed a major upgrade in equipment and training. Each motor officer is required to complete a rigorous 80 hour police officer motorcycle operator course that is widely considered to be the most challenging training in law enforcement. Additionally, our motor officers receive on the job training, tactical motor officer training, stress training, and vehicle escort training. Because riding skills are perishable, motor officer training is never complete. Annual basic and advanced level training sessions ensure our riders are prepared to ride at the highest skill level.

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office Motor Unit currently consists of five trained riders who operate Harley Davidson motorcycles. Team member candidates are identified through an internal selection process. Candidates do not become team members until and unless they successfully complete the initial training process. After training, riders earn their “Wheel and Wings” insignia.

The team owns and operates a six place motorcycle trailer. In addition to transporting motorcycles, the motor unit uses the trailer as a mobile classroom and enclosed work space during large scale deployments.

Two members of the motor unit act as motor officer instructors. These two instructors are the lead workers for the team. They coordinate all training. They also assist other agencies in the training of their motor officers. Additionally, the instructors plan, coordinate, and facilitate vehicle escorts and deployments for large scale events.

The Motor Unit is utilized for traffic safety efforts, dignitary security escorts, vehicle escorts, and large scale events. Large Scale events have included fireworks shows, triathlons, parades, concerts, and more.

Being on a motorcycle allows easy public access to our team members. They enjoy having the friendly conversations with citizens that the open access of being on a motorcycle allows.

Say hello the next time they are in your area!